PMS (Properties Management System) For SmartEHotel

A cloud-based PMS system that works wherever the Internet is available, this PMS system is fully capable of helping hoteliers and hotel operators to work much faster and more convenient.

By using modern Applications, the systematic control of the system makes it easy and relevant in all daily operations. The system focuses on providing the fast service and the accuracy of the data, as well as securing all information in various fields which includes some confidential information and other financial related data.


Features & Capabilities of the PMS System / Main Features

Fast and convenient Reservation feature
Modern Check-in Function that requires only the guest’s name or reservation details
Room Rate Auto Posting feature to prevent human error in case of long stay (multiple days)
Breakfast Management feature reporting directly to F&B Department, making it easy to plan F&B daily operation
Minibar / Min Stock Management feature for Housekeeping Department
Easy Room Management feature such as Out Of Order rooms, Available Rooms ready for sale or not for sale.
Log Security Activity feature
Guest Profile, Guest Activity & Guest History feature making it easy in sending any future promotion, or other upselling information to the guests based on each guest’s detail.
Interface options with other third party system such as Doorlock and more.